Five Signs You Need A New Roof

Feb 19th 20

As a homeowner, it is easy to get roped into different sales pitches on what exactly is needed to sustain and protect your home. It is our goal to be transparent and educate the necessary steps to upgrade and maintain your household. It all starts above, with your roof.

There are several ways to ensure your roof is secure. Our representatives will walk you through what is necessary and what will allow you to maximize the capability of your roof. Knowing the signs that you need a new roof is the beginning process of replacing a roof.

  1. The age of your roof. How old is it? If it is older than 20 years, chances are you may need to replace it. Roofing materials from 20 years ago were not made to last and start to breakdown. This can lead to leaks and roof rot. Now, shingles are built to protect your home with a longer life span. The shingles that we provide come with a warranty up to 50 years which is about the benchmark of their life span.

  2. Are your shingles curled? If the shingles of your roof are curled up, chances are that there is additional heat coming from the bottom side of the shingles. This leads to them wearing out prematurely and fading causing damage to your roof. This is also a sign that your shingles have reached their lifetime and need to be replaced.

  3. Neighbors are replacing their roof. Chances are your house was built around the same time period as your neighbors. If they are replacing their roof, you may want to ask them what they noticed.

  4. Moss or unnecessary house plants. If moss is growing on asphalt shingles, it holds moisture against the roof causing damage to the top of the shingles. This will create a lack of drainage, rot or even damage your insulation from the excess moisture.

  5. Your attic. If you go up into your attic and see streaks or water leakage, it’s the first sign of a leaky roof.

While these are just a few signs that you need a new roof, our consultant can walk you through the wear and tear of your roof.

When considering replacing a roof, the best option is to talk to a consultant that can help you discover your best roofing options. Infinity Energy offers a 50-year unlimited lifetime warranty for roofing. For a free consultation, fill out our form or call us at 888-244-2513.

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