What is The SGIP Equity Resiliency Program?

Jul 21st 20

What Is the SGIP Equity Resilience Program?

The Equity Resilience Program provides qualified homeowners a special budget for rebates under the SGIP authorized by the California Public Utility Commission. Utility Companies work hard to provide homes with power, and with high-risk areas for fire, this monumental task can be exceptionally difficult. As such, Utility Companies can provide a rebate to qualified homeowners who live in these fire zones.

The short version: Qualifying for the Equity Resilience Program gets homeowners access to money in their pocket by getting a battery back-up for their home.

Why Equity Resilience Matters

The state of California says the Equity Resilience Program is a way to collect “rebates for installing energy storage technology at both residential and non-residential facilities.” The state wants to modernize homes and the electric grid. In short, this means they are willing to provide funding to homeowners who do their part by getting residential energy storage. They do this through utility companies.

The purpose of the Equity Resilience Program is to get homeowners who may not have the disposable income a path to at-home Energy storage that is at “almost, if not completely, free of cost.” The program also accounts for homeowners in areas of high fire risk, or who rely on home electricity for medical equipment.

In other words, if a homeowner was struggling to find affordable energy storage, the State wants to do everything they can to take care of that cost (around $1000 per kWh) of the storage solution. This is a significant increase from the traditional SGIP rebate of $850/kWh. All of this is separate from the Solar ITC, or investment tax credit.

The bottom line: By combining all these incentives together, the net cost of Solar and Battery projects are massively reduced.

The Benefits of the Equity Resilience Program

If a homeowner is qualified for the Equity Resilience Program, the net cost of a home battery solution is minimal. After purchase, the homeowner simply follows the steps to get the rebate from their utility company. When approved, the rebate decimates the cost of the home battery, sometimes even making the battery entirely free.

For homeowners who do not qualify for the Equity Resilience program, traditional SGIP rebates, or Equity rebates, reduce the net cost of home battery storage solutions (such as the Tesla Powerwall) significantly – often thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, and definitely worth filing for.

Regardless of which rebates a homeowner is eligible for, they make moving forward with home energy storage much easier.

How to Collect the Rebate

Your first step is to determine your eligibility for a home battery and the rebate itself by filling out the form below or contacting one of our experts at (888)244-2513. From there, an Infinity Energy representative will walk you through your project and look to help you maximize your rebate potential.

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